NFL Draft Day 3 Round Up: Where All, Taylor and Lee will play at the next level

Erick Hall joins a high-powered offense, Tory Taylor adds to a superstar-stacked draft class, and Logan Lee
Purdue v Iowa
Purdue v Iowa / Matthew Holst/GettyImages

The Iowa Hawkeyes had a strong showing on the third day of the 2024 NFL Draft. In all, the Hawkeyes sent four players to the league over the weekend including Cooper DeJean in the second round.

Cincinnati All-In on Erick All

Tight end Erick All got things going earlier than expected.

All was expected to be a Day 3 pick, but his injury history suggested he'd be a bit later than the early fourth round. Nonetheless, The Cincinnati Bengals liked what they saw from the former Iowa Hawkeye and selected him 115th overall in the fourth round.

All was the sixth tight end picked in the draft, but may have landed in the best situation.

Of course, the Bengals have Joe Burrow at quarterback and talented receivers JaMarr Chase and Tee Higgins to make up one of the most dangerous offensive attacks in the NFL. The team hasn't had a strong presence at tight end in years, which means All has an opportunity to get on the field early. Still, he'll have the benefit of patience as a fourth round pick.

All is the fifth tight end drafted from Iowa since 2017.

Tory Taylor Kickin' It in Chicago

Soon after All was taken off the board, Tory Taylor became the first special teams player taken in the 2024 NFL Draft when the Chicago Bears selected him No. 122 overall.

The Bears had the worst net punting averages and struggled to pin teams inside the 20 last year. While the Bears won't be expecting to punt nearly as often with first overall pick Caleb Williams taking over at quarterback, when they do they'll turn to one of the best collegiate punters of all-time.

Taylor has a powerful leg, so the winds of the Second City shouldn't cause him too much trouble. Plus, if he sticks around long term, he'll be kicking indoors soon anyway.

Logan Lee Lands in Pittsburgh

Logan Lee garnered some attention from a strong Combine showing. The Pittsburgh Steelers liked what they saw an selected him with the 178th overall pick in the sixth round.

Lee joins a strong but aging defense. He has the chance to learn and grow on the defensive front with Cam Heyward to potentially become the Steel City great's aire aparent.

Lee might be a slightly undersized prospect for the 3-4 scheme, but his athleticism and versatility is promising. The Steelers made a concerted effort to beef up their scrimmage players, so it's good sign that Pittsburgh are including Lee in their plans.