Fans react to Cooper DeJean Falling to Eagles in second round

Cooper DeJean was expected to be a first-round pick. When he fell to the second round and still found a home in Philadelphia, it shocked football fans around the world.
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A record-breaking run on offensive players in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft forced Cooper DeJean to fall out of the first round. It was shocking enough that freakish defensive back fell out of the first round, but that he still landed with the Eagles was just as surprising.

The Eagles held the No. 22 overall pick and spent it on a cornerback, Toledo's Quinyon Mitchell. With that selection, most fans and analysts crossed Philly off as a potential landing spot for the former Iowa Hawkeye.

Nonetheless, the social media world came away impressed that the Eagles took two of the best defensive backs in the draft within 20 picks of each other.

Of course, as expected, many of posts took a jab at DeJean's skin color. The fact that he landed in a defensive backfield with a white starting safety was a major assist to the social media comedy.

DeJean was officially announced as a defensive back when his teammate Brandon Graham announced the draft pick. While that's not the most important thing, it does indicate that the Eagles will move DeJean around to find the right fit.

Based on the roster, it would make sense for DeJean to fit in at nickel cornerback. That will leave some debate on whether he would be the first white cornerback to start an NFL game in over 20 years as some see the postition as more of a safety role.

Of course, some fans have done their homework on DeJean and know he's an athletic freak.

Others need to revisit the film though.

The best reaction to DeJean's selection though goes to the man himself. The relief on his face to become an Eagle and his family's embrace was heartfelt by all Hawkeye fans.

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