5 sponsors who would make sense for Kinnick Stadium

Field sponsorships are allowed in college football. These sponsors would be a 'perfect' match for the Iowa Hawkeyes' stadium.
Minnesota v Iowa
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The NCAA recently approved the use of sponsor logos on the field of university stadiums across the country.

Admittedly, not many folks are crazy about the idea. Ads run on the jumbotrons and video ribbons plenty enough and for tradition's sake, the field is a sacred ground in college sports.

I'll be upfront, I don't want to see a sponsor logo on the turf of Duke Slater Field any more than you do. With the Big Ten logo and the word mark for Duke Slater Field at the 25-yard lines and the Hawkeye logo dominating the 50-yard line, the field would be overly cluttered for a quick buck.

But, if we have to be subjected to such a practice, it may as well make sense, right?

These are the five sponsorships that would be somewhat "acceptable" for Kinnick Stadium to display on Duke Slater Field.

#5: Sickos Committee

No, this list isn't going to be serious. Yes, I would be in full support of this option.

Come on, X accounts are monetized now and everyone is engagement farming on the platform, so let's allow the account that loves Iowa football more than any other to grace the field at Kinnick Stadium.

But it can't stop at the field logo. Let every screen become the Sickos Committee logo when Iowa lines up to punt and on third downs while the Hawkeyes are on defense.

Go one step further and let the Sickos logo participate in The Wave. Maybe make the smile less creepy, though.

"But where does the logo sit on the field?" Put it on the 20-yard lines for non-conference games and on the 35-yard lines for Big Ten games. That way, everyone watching knows exactly where all of the action will take place: between the gaze of the Sickos Committee logos.

#4: LOWA Boots

LOWA boots are made in Europe, sure but the logo at a glance looks like it just says Iowa. Plus, it's just a plain wordmark with white lettering and black outlines and the "simply more..." slogan in Iowa gold would look great.

Why foreign boots? Iowa punts a lot, sometimes with Australian punters. That's the joke.

#3: Anheuser-Busch

"In heaven, there is no beer, that's why we drink it here!"

Anheuser-Busch sells its products in Kinnick Stadium already, so give them a logo at the 10-yard lines.

Exile Brewing, based in Des Moines, should be considered if we want to get hyper-local with the sponsorship.

#2: Iowa Corn Growers

Speaking of local support, what better place to place a logo for corn than Duke Slater Field?

They already sponsor the Cy-Hawk Series, so maybe a friendly wager dictates the winner gets to decide where the loser has to place the logo on the field.

#1: Carhartt

Sure, Carhartt is based in Michigan, but let's be real - Iowa is way more blue-collar than Michigan.

We'll have to change the shade of the Carhartt logo just a bit to match the Iowa gold though. Iowa may be blue-collar, but aesthetics matter.

Just visualize how tough a Carhartt field logo would look when the Hawkeyes are hosting a Big Ten game in sub-freezing temperatures in late November.

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