3 teams Iowa would kick out of the Big Ten if they had the power

If the Hawkeyes had the power to kick teams out of the Big Ten, here are three they might remove from the conference.
Illinois v Iowa
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The Big Ten has expanded to 18 teams, which has done Iowa no favors. With a crowded conference and the departure of divisions makes everything more difficult for the Hawkeyes.

It's fair to welcome the challenge, but that doesn't mean Iowa fans have to be welcoming to the other programs in the conference, new or old.

If Iowa had the power to remove programs from the Big Ten, these are the three teams Hawkeye fans would give a wave goodbye to.

3. Ohio State

The Ohio State Buckeyes have long been a thorn in the side of the Iowa Hawkeyes. Regardless of sport, the Buckeyes, along with their rival Michigan Wolverines, routinely stand in the way of Iowa having further success.

But at least with Michigan, Iowa fans can find a reason to relate to how they do business in a blue-collar fashion. The arrogance of Ohio State is so obnoxious, it wouldn't hurt to see them opt for independence instead of hanging around in the Big Ten with their nose in the air.

Truth be told though, the Buckeyes are a bully to the Hawkeyes. In football, Ohio State leads the all-time series 48-15-3, Iowa's worst record against any other Big Ten program.

While the programs are a bit more even on the hardwood in men's basketball (Iowa leads all-time 69-65 since 1949), the Buckeyes have gotten the better of the Hawkeyes in crucial moments more than once, such as the 2024 Big Ten Tournament.

2. USC

If Iowa were to kick out one of the new schools to the Big Ten this year, odds are the top choice would be USC.

The 2014 expansion was weird, sure, but the addition of two California teams is offputting. While UCLA isn't the most humble athletic program either, USC is far worse despite lacking recent success in the same way the Bruins do.

Still, Iowa doesn't need a more difficult path to glory in football, and of the PAC-12 teams joining the conference, the Hawkeyes have performed the worst against USC historically with a 3-7 record. That includes a 38-17 loss in the 2003 Orange Bowl, a 55-0 loss at USC in 1976, and a 48-0 loss at home in 1970.

1. Nebraska

Nebraska is another program with a ton of arrogance stemming from past success, and just like USC, they don't belong in the Big Ten.

The Cornhuskers have played the Hawkeyes every year since 2011 which has formed a fun rivalry between the states covered in corn fields. Iowa leads the football series since 9-4, though Nebrasks owns the all-time series 30-21-3. For what it's worth, a significant number of those wins came before 1942.

Iowa and Nebraska can remain rivals, but the Cornhuskers are a laughing stock in the conference and should go back to the Big 12 where they can maybe earn back some much-needed relevance.

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