Iowa Hawkeyes QB situation has gone from "Intriguing" to a disaster

It's not like there aren't options in the Transfer Portal to fill out this quarterback room in Iowa.
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In early March, ESPN recognized the Iowa Hawkeyes quarterback situation as one of the most intriguing in the nation. Less than two months later, the quarterback situation in Iowa is better described as a disaster.

Soon following the Hawkeyes' Spring game, backup quarterback Deacon Hill entered his name into the Transfer Portal. After a rough outing in 2023 and likely to be a backup again in 2024, it makes sense on the surface for him.

However, the quarterback room is in an uncomfrotable space without him.

The Hawkeyes are already behind because of Hill's late decision. Kirk Ferentz played the portal patiently and saw Hill take most of the spring reps. Now the portal is closed, most of the best names are gone and Iowa has three quarterbacks on the roster that all have massive question marks surrounding them.

Concerning Cade McNamara, he's a fine player - and one who can take advantage of a fairly talented roster. However, Tim Lester is installing a new-ish offense without his starting quarterback until June. Once McNamara is back in the lineup, fans will simply have to hope his knee holds up and he doesn't suffer another injury. That's football, fans can handle that.

But behind McNamara is little to no insurance.

Sure, Marco Lainez had a solid showing in the Spring Game, but the redshirt freshman has seven collegiate passes. A three-star prospect in the 2023 class, he's not exactly a known commodity to replace McNamara if needed.

Behind Lainez is incoming freshman James Resar, another three-star who, understandably, won't be ready to take a snap against a Big Ten defense in a worst-case scenario.

In 2023, Ferentz was aggressive in the Transfer Portal and he landed some strong names. This year he's seen 11 players hit the portal while only scooping up one, North Dakota interior offensive lineman Cade Borud.

There are dozens of quarterbacks in the portal looking for a home, and Iowa needs to get just one to bring some comfort into the quarterback room. Preferably, they'll find someone with some playing experience.

Names like Brendan Sullivan from Northwestern or Emmett Morehead from Boston College seem to fit the bill here. Nothing flashy, but serviceable.

Make no mistake, it's McNamara's team until it isn't. There are no home-run names to be had, nor does Iowa need one. But a quarterback that can join this roster and back up McNamara this season and battle with Lainez in 2025 is not just a want for Iowa fans, it's a necessity for the program.

Now, Iowa has time. Everyone who entered the portal before April 30th can join the team at any time before the season.

But Iowa fans seem to be growing impatient for the team to fix its biggest flaw ahead of a promising season.

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