How far is the college 3-point line compared to the WNBA line?

Caitlin Clark shoots a lot of threes, but how much will she have to change her game when she joins the WNBA?

Big Ten Women's Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals
Big Ten Women's Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals / Aaron J. Thornton/GettyImages

Caitlin Clark owns just about every scoring record you can think of, and it's in large part because she's one of the most deadly three-point shooters in women's basketball history.

She famously broke the women's all-time scoring record with a logo three, which is no surprise as she's liable to pull up from just about anywhere once she crosses halfcourt. It was only natural that someone with such tendencies would be the one to break Steph Curry's record for three-pointers made in a season, surpassing the 162 mark in the 2024 Big Ten Tournament.

Of course, one of her favorite spots on the court is moving right to left near the halfway point of the left side of the arc.

Clark is set to move on to the WNBA after the Iowa Hawkeyes 2024 season is finished, but will she be shooting from a new distance?

In a short answer, no. The WNBA and NCAA women's three-point distance is the same: 22 feet, 1.75 inches, measured from the center of the basket. This wasn't always the case, as prior to 2021, the NCAA women's three-point arc was set to 20 feet, 9 inches.

The women's line is not much shorter than the NBA's these days. The NBA three-point line is 23 feet, 9 inches. While more than a foot and a half is significant, Clark often makes from the range with ease.

One aspect that is equal at all levels is three point line at the sidelines being three feet from the sidelines, hence it being considered the easiest three point shot.

Back in February at the NBA All-Star weekend, Steph Curry took on Sabrina Ionescu in a three-point challenge in which Ionescu shot from the NBA arc. Curry won 29-26. Although Ionescu came up short in the contest, the event went a long way in showing that female three-point sharpshooters can handle the range.

Who knows, maybe one day we'll see Clark make a similar challenge.

Caitlin Clark's bittersweet announcement to enter WNBA Draft is the right decision for the Iowa legend. Caitlin Clark's bittersweet announcement to enter WNBA Draft is the right decision for the Iowa legend. dark. Next