Cooper DeJean passed over in first round of the NFL Draft

Cooper DeJean will have to wait a bit longer to join the NFL.
NFL Combine
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The 2024 NFL Draft was so offensive-heavy that former Iowa Hawkeye defensive back Cooper DeJean was shockingly pushed out of the first round Thursday night.

The NFL shattered a record for offensive players taken in the first round with 23. Of the nine defensive players taken, three were cornerbacks, all of whom were generally considered stronger prospects than DeJean in the class.

As a result, DeJean will have to wait until Friday night to hear his name called. He likely won't have to wait long as he's one of the top players available, especially for secondary needy teams.

Still, many of the teams linked to DeJean pick later in the rounds, though the Green Bay Packers do hold the No. 41 pick. The Indianapolis Colts are scheduled to pick a bit later at No. 46 and the Jacksonville Jaguars pick at No. 48.

Whichever franchise is most interested in DeJean may look to trade up for him.

DeJean was poised to be the first Iowa Hawkeye defensive back taken in the first round since 1997, but that drought continues. Iowa also failed to produce a first-round pick for the first time since 2021.

Of course, DeJean will still have every opportunity to be an immediate contributor to the team that selects him. While his contract will be a bit lighter than a first-rounder, he will be able to sign his second contract a bit sooner without a fifth-year option.

Night two of the NFL Draft will get started at 7 p.m. EST with the second and third rounds. Fans can watch on the NFL Network and ESPN.

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