Caitlin Clark would be wise to be a weekly 'Pat McAfee Show' guest

Clark hinted she'd be open to it, and it sounds like an incredible idea.
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Far be it from me to tell Caitlin Clark what she should do in any business capacity. Clearly, Clark has the right people in her corner and has a savvy business sense herself.

Thankfully, that's not the purpose of this article as she hinted live on The Pat McAfee Show that she would be interested in the opportunity to appear as a weekly guest. I only mean to expand on why that is such a great idea.

Clark's interview on the show was a bit short-changed as she was stuck in Indianapolis traffic, but the show treated her like royalty and she spoke candidly, though many questions had been asked and answered before.

Of course, Clark's passing (and completely unprovoked) comment about appearing on the show weekly is far from official, though McAfee himself is fully on board.

Prominent weekly guests are the norm on the show, most notably with Nick Saban during the 2023 college football season and, more controversially, with Aaron Rodgers for a couple of years now. The rumblings on McAfee paying these types of guests don't sit well with many, but as McAfee is quick to point out, the show isn't a journalistic effort.

But it isn't the "potential payday" that might accompany such an appearance that should be so alluring for both parties.

Similar to the same reason Saban appeared regularly and likely a reason Bill Belichick is co-hosting the show's draft special, exposure from the show is incredibly valuable. Yes, the names mentioned here don't need the self-promotion (okay, maybe Belichick), but rather the promotion of what they're working towards needs the exposure.

During his career, anytime Saban went out of his way to do something such as the McAfee show, College Gameday, or the Manning-Cast, it was a recruiting tactic.

Clark is the WNBA's strongest recruiting asset to get eyes on the product and butts in the seats. She shoulders that responsibility well, but every assist she can score on is a positive too.

McAfee isn't everyone's cup of tea, but there is no denying his show's popularity nor his connections in the sports, entertainment and media landscapes. His reach is nearly unparalleled.

If Clark is on the show every week breaking down her performances, shining light on other WNBA talents and discussing the league, she's inspiring interest in tons of viewers to not only watch her and her career, but the league as a whole.

Sure, fans would get to know Clark even better, especially as conversations become more lax and less about her greatness and legacy. But the benefits the potential pairing could bring to the WNBA - and women's sports - are far more important.

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