Caitlin Clark is earning a lot more than you would think thanks to NIL deals

Caitlin Clark doesn't need money from Iowa's NIL fund because she is making more than you think she is.
Caitlin Clark, shown after Iowa won the Big Ten Tournament title at the Target Center on March 10, 2024.
Caitlin Clark, shown after Iowa won the Big Ten Tournament title at the Target Center on March 10, 2024. / Lily Smith / USA TODAY NETWORK

Caitlin Clark is a certified superstar and no one is questioning that. I mean, stars need private security when they go out right because Clark certainly does.

Iowa women's basketball was awarded the one seed in the NCAA Tournament this year and this will be Clark's last chance at a National Championship now that she has announced she will forgo her last year of eligibility and declare for the WNBA draft.

Now we all know Clark makes a lot in NIL money with her partnerships with Nike, Bose, State Farm, and the popular Midwest grocery store Hy-Vee. It was previously thought that Clark was earning somewhere around $900,000, but apparently that is not the case.

In a profile he wrote about Clark showcasing her life on and off the court, Wright Thompson revealed that Clark is making millions of dollars in NIL deals and even has private security when she goes out to public events.

Reports have said that Clark does not take any money from Iowa's NIL fund set up for student-athletes because she basically doesn't have to, she is making plenty on her own.

Clark, like all stars, has her haters, but in my opinion, I don't know what there is to hate. She is a player that grew up in Iowa and instead of going to the best programs where she would have been lumped in with other great players, she chose to sit close to home and became a star. She lets her game speak for herself, and how can you not love that in interviews after breaking women's scoring record and then the NCAA scoring record, she says it cool but she needs to play better defense.

How can you not love this girl and how she plays her game? Well, I think her haters are starting to realize that. Since Thomson's article came out, Clark's haters have been silent because now she is a person, not just a basketball icon.

I will say this, Clark is doing amazing things and this is just the beginning for her. She is changing not just women's basketball, but women's sports in general. It is an amazing and true honor to get to watch her play in my generation and do things like earn the biggest deals and have her name on billboards.

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