Iowa football: When did Nebraska become little brother?

Nebraska, once a program bound towards an annual conference championship game, now must take solace in moral victories against Iowa football.

How the mighty have fallen. Nebraska, a team that famously fired their head coach for consistently losing four games in a season, now struggles to exceed four wins each year, and they haven’t beaten the Iowa football team in the last five attempts.

The Huskers move to the Big Ten hasn’t worked out as well as Nebraska fans have hoped. Maybe more surprising than their performance on the field is their behavior off of it.

Most recently, our non-rivals have taken it upon themselves to start a Twitter campaign against Iowa’s Lou Groza candidate, Keith Duncan.

Nebraska fans may be a bit bitter against the man (and Miguel Recinos) that beat them with a last-second game-winning field goal in both of the last two games between Nebraska and Iowa football. I completely understand that.

However, this follows the “Iowa sucks” chant that ensued when College GameDay visited Lincoln this year. Remember that the Cornhuskers were playing Ohio State that day, not Iowa, and we know how that worked out for them.

These are the types of actions an Iowa football fan would expect from Iowa State or Minnesota. To the Cyclone fans’ credit, they have not put together an organized campaign against an Iowa player like this, nor have they chanted “Iowa sucks” before a game against a different opponent.

Minnesota, of course, does hate Iowa football enough to chant about us when they are playing a different rival for a chance at the Big Ten West Championship, a Big Ten Title, and potentially, the College Football Playoff.

Minnesota mimicked the result that Nebraska experienced earlier in the season. Though isn’t it quite the step down for the Cornhusker faithful to be like Minnesota?

For a program with five national championships, trolling a team like Iowa football, who isn’t even a rival, seems a bit mind-boggling.

Not only is Nebraska that guy that saw his best days in high school, but he’s also a carbon copy of a fanbase that truly acts like Iowa football’s little brother?

Welcome Cornhusker fans to a group of people that perpetually believe that Iowa football fans see a game against your team as our Super Bowl. Be warned, though, that the club is getting somewhat crowded.

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Still for Iowa football fans that wish to get the last laugh, vote for Keith Duncan.  It would once again prove that Nebraska, our new little brother, can’t beat Iowa football, even with a simple moral victory.

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