Iowa football: And Nebraska fans wonder why we can’t stand them

Nebraska and their fans have acted like the B1G and Iowa football are inferior since joining the conference. And Husker fans wonder why we can’t stand them.

If I had a nickel for every Nebraska Cornhusker fan who said Adrian Martinez would win the Heisman this year and Nebraska should be in the College Football Playoffs, I could have been rich. To be fair to the fans, the media was stupidly hyping up this team as a result of it being Scott Frost’s second year with the program. But in addition to acting like Nebraska is God’s gift to the earth, Nebraska fans continually took shots at an Iowa football program that has been the model of consistency and integrity under Kirk Ferentz.

So Nebraska fans, if you are wondering why Iowa football fans don’t like you, let me provide you a glimpse as to the general arrogance (this is a good one as you’ll see below) of some of your fans.

Buckle up and enjoy a few of these wonderfully aged tweets.

Well, you better start winning next year because with a loss to the Iowa football team, you won’t even be bowl eligible sir.

Now, personally, I don’t have much space in my head for annoying little brothers, and I certainly wouldn’t let them live there rent-free. I am glad striving for greatness is back to back losing seasons.

Hahaha, yeah alright, Brian. I hope you didn’t go to Vegas.

Hey Anthony, you must be forgetting the Big Ten West title we had in 2015 and our Rose Bowl birth. It’s easy to forget when you went once and lost 70-31 to a 7-5 Wisconsin team.

While this insult is a bit funnier coming from Iowa State fans because it’s at least slightly true, get out of here with that Nebraska. Also, what does that make Nebraska when the Iowa football team has beaten them five of the last six games?

And for our final tweet of the day, we have this one calling Iowa football fans arrogant. No sir, we are just annoyed when teams perpetually disrespect us for no reason.

This isn’t all of it. I’ve seen much worse things posted on articles I’ve written that have absolutely nothing to do with Nebraska. Here’s the think Husker fans, just show a little respect. Stop acting like you’re better than us or better than the Big Ten. Eat a big piece of humble pie, get off the ground, and let’s make this a fun rivalry game.


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