Iowa basketball: Can Fran McCaffery recover and land Josh Ogundele?

After losing out in the Xavier Foster sweepstakes, can Iowa basketball head coach recover and land 2020 three-star recruit Josh Ogundele?

Can the bad news just stop for the Iowa basketball team?

I feel like I have been asking myself that for the last six months. Just when I think there could be some happiness, Monday happens.

Missing out on Xavier Foster was a devastating blow to Fran McCaffery’s class of 2020. Having an athletic big man was the missing piece after receiving commitments from a point guard, shooting guard, and two athletic wings. Not only that, but he is heading to Iowa State now, making it even worse knowing the Hawks will face him every single season he’s in Ames.

But there is still a chance the Iowa basketball team can recover and land another athletic big man who would fit perfectly in the Hawkeye’s scheme.

2020 center prospect Josh Ogundele, a 6’10” 240-pound kid playing at Worcester Academy is considering the Iowa basketball program, and he is making a decision this morning on where he will be playing college basketball at.

Currently, it appears that Rutgers, Cincinnati, Rhode Island, Virginia Tech and Iowa are all still in play, but reports have him leaning towards Cincinnati or Rhode Island.

While some may question whether the Xavier Foster news impacts Ogundele’s decision, it is reported that Fran told both recruits that there was room for both of them next season.

However, does Ogundele want to head further away from home (he’s formerly from Great Britain) to play for the Iowa basketball team?

I sure do hope so.

It would be some sort of redemption for Fran McCaffery, who could desperately use some. If not, it’s likely the class of 2020 is filled and the Hawks could be circling the wagons come transfer season to pull in additional talent.