Iowa football: Returning guys cause depth chart shakeup vs Michigan

The Iowa football team released their depth chart for their Saturday morning game vs Michigan. Here are our quick and dirty reactions.

This depth chart was probably the most anticipated Iowa football team depth chart (at least for me personally) since the season-opening depth chart was released.

With a few guys returning, I was interested to see who had done enough to secure a job despite the health of the previous starter, and who was still not close enough to play.

I’ll be upfront and honest here, I wasn’t super happy about the depth chart though, and here are my reactions/observations from it.

  • Alaric Jackson makes an appearance on this week’s depth chart as the backup tackle behind Tristan Wirfs. No, I don’t think this means Jackson isn’t getting job back, I just think the plan will be to work him as part of a rotation as he gets his game legs back under him.
  • Cole Banwart remains the starter as the right guard spot. This isn’t too much of a surprise though with the Kyler Schott injury and Jackson not being listed as the starter.
  • Ivory Kelly-Martin is still listed as number three. Again, not a big deal, it just isn’t true though.
  • Daviyon Nixon returns as the backup defensive tackle despite Brady Reiff’s absence. Pella, Iowa graduate Austin Schulte is the starter. I thought there might be a chance Nixon would stay in the starting lineup after his stellar performance against MTSU, but he will not.
  • No cash player is listed. Not a huge cause for concern or something unforeseen, just not enough secondary guys right now.
  • Jack Koerner has done enough (or so it seems right now) to hold on to the starting safety spot from Kaevon Merriweather who is listed as the number two.
  • There is still no Julius Brents or Matt Hankins. DJ Johnson will be getting start number three at the corner position against Michigan’s tough wide receiver group.

I’m sure when Kirk Ferentz talks to the media this week we will undoubtedly learn more about what is going on with injuries.

I was certainly hoping the Iowa football team would be healthier than they are heading into Michigan.