Iowa Football: A Nebraska loss and other outcomes Hawk fans want

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With multiple teams in the top 25 losing last week, let’s look at who needs to win and lose in Week 5 to help the Iowa football team.

After getting a bit better this past week than the week preceding, I feel like a Nebraska fan. I’m now confident in going undefeated with my picks this week.

Speaking of Nebraska, that game against Illinois last weekend represented a true lose-lose situation for this segment. As Iowa football fans, we are all hoping that Nebraska loses, which they obviously did not. Additionally, I picked Nebraska to beat the spread which they fell quite a bit short of doing.

This serves as a lesson not to hedge by betting on Nebraska. There is truly no excuse, and I apologize for the fanbase for this indiscretion.

In other pick blunders, Northwestern has shown that they may be missing Clayton Thorson more than anyone expected. After all, former Clemson transfer Hunter Johnson was a top-30 rated recruit in 2017.

Finally, it seems that Ohio State can beat any opponent like they are simply playing a video game on easy. It doesn’t make sense to bet against the Buckeyes this year regardless of how ridiculous the spread seems.

I did correctly predict Wisconsin “winning emphatically”. I also was able to correctly pick the other two ranked vs. ranked games.

I did not pick the Iowa State game last week. After talks about potentially suspending or eliminating the series, a week away from paying attention to Iowa State seems like a good idea. They make an appearance this week and yes, we need to root for the Cyclones.

Just a reminder that the Iowa football game is more important than all of these games combined. The staff picks on that game are included in its own article, as it should be, and that will be posted Friday.

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