Iowa basketball: Megan Gustafson finishes rookie season with Wings

After a rocky start, former Iowa basketball player Megan Gustafson has finished her rookie season with the WNBA’s Dallas Wings.

Falling to the second round of the three-round WNBA Draft and then subsequently being cut prior to the start of the regular season was not exactly the way former star Iowa basketball player Megan Gustafson wanted to start her career.

But as she always does, she grinded, got signed back to the team a few weeks into the season after initially agreeing to go play for the Iowa United in The Basketball Tournament, and turned in an unspectacular, yet progressive rookie season with the Dallas Wings.

Unspectacular might seem like a negative, and I won’t disagree, but it’s the truth. After putting together the best career of any Iowa basketball player, it was tough to see Gustafson relegated to the bench for the majority of games, but with the Wings firmly out of the playoff picture, her minutes began to pick up. And we saw some interesting things.

Most of all, Gustafson has added a three-point shot to her arsenal. She attempted 9 three-pointers throughout the season and finally connected with one with late in the season. Although it’s just one, the fact that she is continuing to work on this will help her as she transitions to a European style of play and as she tries to build on her WNBA career.

In addition to adding a three-point shot, Gustafson did continue to do what she does best, score efficiently. Although she had limited attempts, Gustafson led the team in field goal percentage with 49.1% and finished third on the team in free throw percentage at 90.1%.

With the WNBA season finished for the Dallas Wings, Gustafson is now preparing to head to Hungary where she will play for NKE-Csata.