Iowa football: Five things we learned from Hawkeyes media day

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Iowa Hawkeyes, Oliver Martin
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Oliver Martin update

Hawkeye nation is waiting anxiously to find out about Oliver Martin. Will the Michigan-transfer be eligible to play in 2019 or will he have to wait until 2020?

For the sake of the Iowa football team, I hope he is available, but we have yet to hear back from the NCAA regarding their decision despite hearing numerous other declines.

Kirk addressed this yesterday as well:

"As I understand it, it’s been forwarded to the NCAA, and what happens thereafter, probably no way to predict, like most things that go that direction. We’ll just kind of wait patiently and see where it goes. But Oliver doesn’t have any information, I have no information, so right now we’ll just kind of wait and see how it all goes."

So we continue to play the waiting game, and hopefully, it is worth the wait. From the sounds of it, Oliver Martin has been exceptional since joining the Iowa football team.

With the season just three weeks away, the sooner the Hawkeyes can find out, the better. If Martin can play, he is likely going to take the slot wide receiver spot, and if he can’t, we will be seeing a mix of Tyrone Tracy Jr and Nico Ragaini.