Iowa basketball: Megan Gustafson finding success in limited minutes

Former Iowa basketball player Megan Gustafson is halfway through her first WNBA season, and in limited minutes, she is finding a great deal of success.

The minutes aren’t as many as they were when she was the star of the Iowa basketball team, but Megan Gustafson is finding a way to be effective whenever she gets on the court.

Since joining the Dallas Wings partway through the season, the most minutes Megan Gustafson has gotten on the court has been 17 and she’s had multiple games where she didn’t register a single minute.

That isn’t stopping her though.

In 71 minutes of WNBA action for the Dallas Wings, Gustafson has scored 29 points on 11 of 19 shooting good for a shooting percentage of 57.9%. Although the sample size is not nearly the same size (not even close to be honest), the 57.9% shooting percentage would rank second in the entire WNBA at this point.

She’s also doing a solid job of not letting her lack of size impact her style of play as she has managed to pull in 2.5 rebounds per game (8.8 minutes per game), and defensively, she’s not caused any issues only committing 3 personal fouls in that entire span.

Unfortunately, despite the Dallas Wings limited amount of success (they’re the second-worst team in the WNBA), the former All-American Iowa basketball player isn’t getting an increase in playing time.

The Wings are just midway through the season, and with the playoffs firmly out of reach in the coming weeks, I expect Gustafson’s playing time to increase as they begin taking a look at what their roster looks like in the future.

Regardless, I expect Gustafson to get more playing time when she heads overseas at the conclusion of the WNBA season to play for NKE-Csata in Budapest.