Iowa football: Oliver Martin is coming home, and that’s a big deal

After much speculation and confusion, the Iowa football team landed a big-time transfer in former 4-star wide receiver Oliver Martin.

I have never been more happy to be wrong and look like a complete idiot online. I am excited to say Oliver Martin is officially set to transfer to the Iowa football program per Rob Howe of Hawkeye Nation.

In an earlier piece, I stupidly stated that there was no chance of Oliver leaving Michigan, and as I stated earlier, I have never been this happy to be so wrong about something.

Oliver is needed for a number of reasons, but the most glaring one is that the Iowa football team is desperately in need of playmaking pass catchers. Iowa’s three leading receivers from last year’s squad are signed by football teams who play football on Sundays.

It has yet to be determined if Martin will be granted an immediate transfer or if he will have to sit out a year, but regardless of what happens, the Hawks are going to get a darn good pass catcher. There’s a lot he brings to the table.

The first being his route running ability. There is not a route on the tree that Oliver Martin can’t run. He’s got fluid hips, solid change of direction, and he’s great coming out of his breaks. His releases are incredible and his strength and conditioning are evident when watching those releases

Another thing that Oliver Martin brings to the Iowa football team is what every receiver at Iowa has to do, he can block. Oliver Martin is one of the best blockers I have ever seen for a receiver. He has the god given ability and more importantly he wants to block. He wants to pancake people and embarrass them.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but he has a mean streak while blocking at receiver and it’s incredible.

And while receivers Ihmir Smith-Marsette is an electrifying return man, Brandon Smith is a contested catch monster, and Oliver Martin is a former 4-star recruit, his arrival alone doesn’t make this group elite.

But, it DOES make the receiving corps significantly better. Oliver Martin cannot change Iowa’s lack of playmakers overnight, but he can make this team better years down the road and maybe just maybe be one of the key pieces on a championship team.

So finally, welcome home O Money! Hawkeye nation can’t wait to see what the future brings!