Iowa Hawkeyes: Wrestling faces toughest challenge yet vs #2 Oklahoma State

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The Iowa Hawkeyes wrestling program is one of three undefeated teams in the nation. Tomorrow they take on one of the others in #2 Oklahoma State.

Even if you aren’t a big wrestling fan, you need to tune in to arguably the biggest regular season wrestling match of the collegiate wrestling season tomorrow when the #3 ranked Iowa Hawkeyes wrestling team takes on the #2 ranked Oklahoma State wrestling team.

While this match ultimately won’t mean too much in the grand scheme of things as it’s just a regular season meet, it will go a long way in showing just how good this Iowa Hawkeyes wrestling team actually is.

So far though, their resume is pretty impressive. As alluded to in an earlier article, the Hawks are not just beating ranked wrestling teams, they are absolutely annihilating them. Add the #17 Wisconsin Badger wrestling team to that group as well as the Iowa Hawkeyes beat them 35-2 in Madison last weekend to claim a share of the Big Ten title this season.

Against Oklahoma State, however, the Hawks will face more ranked wrestlers than they have all year.

Here is a complete breakdown of those anticipated matchups:

  • 125: #2 Spencer Lee (16-1) vs #4 Nick Piccininni (27-0)
  • 133: #3 Austin DeSanto (16-1) vs #2 Daton Fix (25-1)
  • 141: #16 Max Murin (12-5) vs #12 Kaid Brock (15-6)
  • 149: #12 Pat Lugo (14-6) vs #6 Kaden Gfeller (24-3(
  • 157: #7 Kaleb Young (15-3) vs Wyatt Sheets
  • 163: #2 Alex Marinelli (19-0) vs #10 Chandler Rogers (16-3)
  • 174: Mitch Bowman vs #6 Joe Smith (14-4)
  • 184: #12 Cash Wilcke (17-3) vs #9 Jacobe Smith (22-3)
  • 197: #4 Jacob Warner (13-2) vs #6 Preston Weigel (7-0)
  • HWT: #8 Sam Stoll (8-2) vs #2 Derek White (23-1)

Sundays meet will take place in Stillwater, Oklahoma and is scheduled to begin at 2 PM Central Standard Time. You can watch the entire wrestling meet here.

This matchup against Oklahoma State will be the last one of the Iowa Hawkeye’s regular season. At the conclusion of Sunday’s wrestling meet, the Hawks will prepare for the Big Ten Championships in Minneapolis, Minnesota that begins March 9th.

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The Big Ten Championships will help determine which Hawks will have an opportunity to compete at the NCAA tournament that takes place March 21-23.