Iowa football: Hawks have never beaten these eleven teams

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 01: Remound Wright #22 of the Stanford Cardinal is tackled by an Iowa Hawkeyes defender in the 102nd Rose Bowl Game on January 1, 2016 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 01: Remound Wright #22 of the Stanford Cardinal is tackled by an Iowa Hawkeyes defender in the 102nd Rose Bowl Game on January 1, 2016 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images) /

The Iowa football team has beaten 80 different teams in the history of their program, but there are still ten teams they are winless against. Here’s who.

The Iowa football team has 618 wins to 530 losses and 34 ties. Eighty different teams have made up that 618 wins with a large majority of them coming at the expense of Big Ten foes like Northwestern, Minnesota, Indiana, and Wisconsin with the Iowa State Cyclones slipped right in the middle there as well.

Of the 530 losses, only 54 teams account for that total. Out of that 54, eleven have never been on the receiving loss of a Hawkeye beatdown, which is truly unfortunate for those programs. Furthermore, of those eleven teams only seven actually exist today to even allow the Iowa football team a shot at redemption.

Here are those eleven teams.

Utah (0-1) – Iowa’s only loss to the Utah Utes came way back in 1978 when Iowa lost 13-9 to Utah. Although there is nothing on the non-conference schedule that has these two teams squaring off, a few of the Big Ten affiliated bowls have Pac-12 ties including the Rose Bowl and the Holiday Bowl so maybe in the future there will be redemption.

Texas A&M (0-1) – The Iowa football team got smoked by the Aggies in 1931 and have never played each other since. That dreadful October day saw the Hawkeyes lose 29-0 before must of us were event dreamt about.

Stanford (0-1) – This is the most recent of teams to beat Iowa on this list, and that came just three years ago when Christian McCaffery torched the Hawkeye defense the entire day. The Cardinal beat Iowa 45-16 that day, but much like Utah, there will likely be a shot at redemption one day.

George Washington (0-1) – Raise your hand if you knew George Washington University had a football team because I certainly did not. Playing as an independent the George Washington Colonials beat the Iowa football team 21-6 in 1932. 34 years later, the Colonials football team would fold indefinitely.

Centenary (LA) (0-1) – Raise your hand if you knew that Centenary was even a school because I certainly did not. Centenary is now a division three school, but back in the day, they played with the big boys. They defeated the Iowa Hawkeyes 19-12 in 1930. Just eleven years later, the football program ended.

Oklahoma (0-2) – The Hawks have faced off against the Sooners twice in their history and both times came up short. First it was a 21-6 loss in 1979 and the most recent loss came seven years ago in the Insight Bowl. If Lincoln Riley were to depart and Bob Stoops was brought back, this would be a fun game to see in non-conference play with the history Stoops shares between the two school.

Iowa Pre-Flight (0-2) – The Iowa Pre-Flight is probably the best team in college football that nobody has heard of. Their team was only existence for three years and in that time period, they went 26-5 and reached and finished 6th and 2nd in two of the three seasons in the AP Poll. Interestingly enough, the Pre-Flight school was actually commissioned at the University of Iowa campus. The Seahawks beat the Hawks twice by a combined 55 to 6.

Maybe it’s for the better that this football team went away.

Colorado (0-2) – The Buffs beat the Hawks twice in a four-year span from 1988 to 1992, and the two teams haven’t played since, which is a bummer for Iowa as they could easily beat up on Colorado now.

North Carolina State (0-3) – Just like Colorado, the Hawkeyes lost to NC State in 1988 and 1992. They also lost in 1965. The 1988 loss came in the Peach Bowl while the 1992 loss came when the Hawks were ranked 16th in the nation. Obviously, not good timing by the Wolfpack to hand Iowa losses.

Great Lakes Navy (0-3) – Similar to Iowa Pre-Flight in some ways, the Great Lakes Navy was a Navy boot camp located near Chicago, Illinois. They were only around for 27 years but they managed to hand the Iowa football team three losses in that time span. The Hawks were outscored 56 to 7.

Miami (FL) (0-4) – Last but not least is the Miami Hurricanes who have handed the Hawkeyes their most losses in school history to a program they have never beaten. Four losses and an average margin of victory of 24 points is not exactly called being on the right side of history for the Hawks. Granted, Miami was ranked in the top-25 three of those four times.

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It would be fun to see a few of these teams play against Iowa in the near future. With Nate Stanley returning next year and the 2019 version of the Iowa Hawkeyes expected to be pretty good, there is a chance that we may see Iowa in, say, the Rose Bowl vs a Pac-12 team like Stanford or Utah for a rematch.