Iowa football: Kirk Ferentz joins Pardon My Take as Football Guy of the Week

It’s not often Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz does something mainstream, but he joined Pardon My Take to accept his Football Guy of the Week honor.

Rare wouldn’t be the right term to describe something that has never happened. Iowa football head coach Kirk Ferentz is about as old-school as you can get from a college coaching perspective. Sure, he’s willing to mix things up, run a few fake field goals here and there (hello New Kirk), but one of things that is most endearing about him is his calm and consistent demeanor.

That’s why it was so shocking when I got the notification that he would be joining the popular, yet controversial Barstool Sports podcast Pardon My Take hosted by PFT Commenter and Big Cat to accept their Football Guy of the Week honor.

For those of you not familiar with Pardon My Take, it’s essentially a satirical outlook on sports. They basically provide you some information mixed with a ton of humor (not all of it appropriate),a and they love to bring guests on to the show to interview them with some legitimate and some not so legitimate questions.

Football Guy of the Week is just one branch of this satirical sports journalism considering it has less to do with what guys do on the field and more about something funny that happened.

If I had to guess, I would venture to say Kirk Ferentz’s acceptance of this award, which stemmed from him getting accidentally headbutted after the Iowa football team’s win over Nebraska, was shocking even to the Pardon My Take hosts.

For context behind Kirk’s accidental headbutt, he proceeded to take an interview quickly after with blood on his face.

Kirk Ferentz, not known to be the biggest jokester during his tenure with the Iowa football program, didn’t stop at just accepting the award and appearing on the show, he even provided a little humor during the show.

When probed about the bloody face, Kirk started off by saying this:

Well first of all, I did not go shop on Black Friday shopping and get run over at Wal-Mart.

He went on to provide the full details of what happened (a lineman bumped into Nate Stanley who still had his helmet on), but didn’t stop with the dry humor.

When asked about his penchant for fullbacks, Kirk gave a funny metaphor.

Fullback is a graveyard for linebackers who didn’t make it.

He wrapped up the interview with some more Kirk humor by sharing his appreciation and concern for the Football Guy of the Week honor.

They started one of those text chains on the phone here, and one of the kids put an Urban Dictionary of football guy, and I have to tell you guys, I am little concerned about it. I just want to share with you the second line. Many times when football guys lose football they go through severe withdrawals and sometimes can die. I told them ‘I really like the football part, but I’m not so sure I like the second line of it, and I am a little concerned about that’. I appreciate the honor, but I just hope that second play doesn’t become reality.

If you haven’t listened to the interview yet, make sure to go check it out. It’s a doozy.