Iowa Football: Q&A with Hawkeyes Newest Commit Beau Corrales

Sep 3, 2016; Iowa City, IA, USA; Fans line the streets as the Iowa Hawkeyes arrive for their game against the Miami (Oh) Redhawks at Kinnick Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports
Sep 3, 2016; Iowa City, IA, USA; Fans line the streets as the Iowa Hawkeyes arrive for their game against the Miami (Oh) Redhawks at Kinnick Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports /

My Q&A with the Iowa Hawkeyes latest commitment, Beau Corrales

Coming off a sub-par 2016 recruiting class, Kirk Ferentz and the Iowa Hawkeyes have made some big splashes with the class of 2017. They currently own the 22nd best recruiting class in the nation and fifth best in the Big Ten, according to Rivals. This comes a year after they owned just the 42nd best class of 2016 and ranked near the bottom of the Big Ten.

Iowa can thank the state of Texas for their very good class in 2017. After landing two-star wide receiver Beau Corrales on Thursday night, the Hawkeyes have now landed six commitments from the state of Texas. Corrales joins Chevin Calloway, Eno Benjamin, Peyton Mansell, Gavin Holmes and Matt Hankins as future Hawkeyes from the state of Texas.

Beau Corrales, their newest commitment, has great size for a wide receiver. He stands at 6-4 and 203 pounds. Corrales originally committed to Texas State, however switched his commitment to the Iowa Hawkeyes following a great start to his senior year at Georgetown High School.

Corrales was kind enough to take some time to answer a couple of questions for me.

Jeremy Karll: The first thing everyone really wants to know is what drew you to Iowa? Because you had other solid offers.

Beau Corrales: A couple of things actually! The facilities, the program itself, the fans, and my friends that are committed to go there. All of those things played a huge role in my decision-making.

Jeremy Karll: Yeah, Iowa has really hit Texas hard for their 2017 class. Seeing all those guys committing to Iowa, did you talk to any of them during your decision process for advice or anything?

Beau Corrales: Yes, I was friends with Gavin and Peyton previous to receiving my offer and then after my offer they all played a huge role in my decision.

Jeremy Karll: So, I heard you made a visit last weekend when Iowa took on Iowa State. Were you able to get a feel of how intense that rivalry is?

Beau Corrales: Yes!! And it was absolutely insane!! I loved it so much.

Jeremy Karll: It does get pretty insane on game days. How important was it for you to play in front of a passionate fan base during your collegiate career? Because Hawkeyes fans are some of the best no matter who they play.

Beau Corrales: It’s important to me, but at the same time it’s not too important. I want to play college football, get a degree, and make good memories doing it. It’s just a really big plus that Iowa happens to have such an amazing fan base and it definitely helped me make my decision.

Jeremy Karll: Definitely. That’s a great way to think about it. Transitioning to your play on the field. You’ve had a really good start to your senior year, how would you describe your play? And do you try to shape your game after any particular player?

Beau Corrales: I’m definitely happy with the numbers that I’ve been putting up but at the same time I’m not satisfied, and I know there’s always room to improve. I don’t specifically try to play like a certain person but if I had to choose a player I’d say Calvin Johnson just because he’s a bigger receiver kind of like me.

Jeremy Karll: That’s a great player to look up to. Maybe one day you can be on Dancing With The Stars just like him! Last question, is there anything else you’d like to add? Anything you want Hawkeyes fans to know about you personally or your game?

Beau Corrales: Maybe! And just that I appreciate all the love I’ve received so far and that when I get there they’re going to have my all!

It’s evident that Beau Corrales has the determination, talent and intelligence to become a very good player at Iowa. He makes an already very good recruiting class even better, and there should be a lot of excitement surrounding the future of Iowa football.

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You can follow Beau Corrales on Twitter @BEAU_JANGLES12